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Selimiye foundation is a community based organisation that aims to improve the education, culture and the social level of all Australians by establishing schools, youth centres and women's network for the members of the community at large. The Foundation also aims to develop social awareness through lectures, seminars, conferences, concerts, festivals, study tours and camps. The objectives of the charter also include the use and support of media elements to achieve its educational aims and contribution to soci.


Selimiye The International Festival of Language and Culture organised by Sirius College will be held in Melbourne Australia on 7 June 2015. On behalf of Sirius College, Selimiye Foundation invites all Melbournians to join this wonderful celebration of world cultures and languages.



Selimiye Foundation is an organization that harbors over 12 sub-organizations under its umbrella. Some of these organizations are Prestige Education Centre, Fountain Bookshop, Jasmine Women's Network and Active Youth Centre. The main objective of Selimiye Foundation is to serve the community.  


Selimiye Foundation is one of the major sponsors of the annual Anatolian Cultures & Arts Festival held each year at the Federation Square. The festival attracts more than 70 thousands people who enjoy a day of cultural music, foods, folk dances, whirling dervishes and art exhibitions.



In a world of technological and moral turbulence, it is a challenge to keep abreast with the changes. It is our vision at Sirius College to guide and support students not only to cope with these changes but to harness them. At Sirius College we welcome students from all ethnic and religious backgrounds.


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